An executive board was recently voted in and board members applied to be part of the board. Our board represents a wide sector of our community and is made up from business owners, Mothers, fathers, single young people, professionals, people with cancer, people who have had cancer, people who have lost loved ones to cancer, those who are new to our town, those who have lived here all their lives and married men and woman.

Our executive board

• Chair: Liz Dillon
• Vice Chair: Andrew Moore
• Secretary: Carryn Crawford
• Treasurer: Ray Warren

Our board members

• Andrew Moore
• Max McKenzie
• Claudia Green - Publicity Officer
• Dr Bernie Moore

Our subcommittee members

(including board and executive members)

  • • Sam Coventry - Shavee Coordinator
  • • Marcus Angelino
  • Sam Rodriquez - Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer
  • Ruth Green - Recipient Coordinator 
  • Nicole Saunders
  • Helen Heard

Our Subcommittee groups

• Events, lights and sound
• Catering and bar
• Wellbeing group
• Public relations and sponsorship
• Fundraising and money tins
• Head shavees

If you would be interested in joining our committee please email